Inside creativity 2016

Can you visualise creativity? If you can, what would it look like? I ask this question in the first part of my abstract still life series and try to answer it by creating images that show how I would visualise the creative process. I photograph backgrounds, print them out, cut them into pieces, combine them with different kind of paper and hang them up in layers.

Diving deeper into the subject of creativity by reading and trying different techniques to enhance the creative process led me to the second part of the series: a journey through my own creativity. A journey where I search, find and lose my creativity…

End of story 2015 - 2016

What was supposed to be the end of my series "Tunes" became a series in itself. A series about finishing a project, but where one cannot let go, and instead dives deeper into creation. The results are intuitive creations where I play with the abstract, light, form and colour, trying to find an end.

Tunes 2015

Back in the 90s I went to London a couple of times and fell in love with UK garage and the finest house tunes I had ever heard. When I came back to Frankfurt/M. I was looking for those special ‘tunes’, which turned out to be quite difficult to find since techno music was the name of the game in Frankfurt in the early 90s...

One day after a good night’s sleep the idea was born. I wanted to create a series dedicated to good old non-commercial house music. Images that reflect the rhythm, the style and the coolness of these tunes. While previously every creative process had its music for me, this time I listened to UKG tunes only before I created and shot the image. But when I moved on to actually creating and photographing my tubes, I did so in complete silence, letting the tunes still in my mind create the picture.

And how do you feel today? 2015

 Intuitive multiple exposure creations of flowers.

The Book 2015

 I had the vision of an old place, a restaurant, ruined, abandoned and forgotten. In the kitchen, between all the dust and dirt there lies a book, a bit shabby but still quite intact. A book about old kitchen appliances with each of them telling their own little story…